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Until this VR workout top ten is published, let’s look at a favourite of ours… BoxVR.

There are so many reasons to like BoxVR. From the quick and easy access, to a selection of workouts tailored to your time and level of fitness – to the really fantastic motivational beats that push you on. But how accurate is the calorie counter? That’s all anybody wants to know!

Not many play a game in this VR fitness genre because they have nothing better to do with their time, it’s primarily for weight loss or fitness gains.

For a 15 minute workout consisting of around 90% arm work and only a few squats, BoxVR said I had burned 60 calories. TMY apple watch set to track a basic workout, said calories burned were almost double, at well over 100 calories.

So which is closer to the truth? 

So which is closer to the truth? For an average height and weight man simply standing for an hour burns 50 calories minimum. So for every 15 minutes you stand, you are burning around 12 calories. Don’t believe any higher numbers you may read, these figures come from a huge study.

So, for a 15 minute BoxVR session we can safety say we are burning at the very least 12 calories even if we are just flicking our wrist and not moving very much.

However a BoxVR session is more like a brisk walk, so what do studies tell us about this type of calorie burn? The very least this type of exercise would burn is 75 calories.

So, for a 15 minute BoxVR session we can safely say we are burning between 12 and 75 calories.

 Let’s narrow this down….



.   When BoxVR said my 15 minute workout used 60 calories, this could be viewed as a conservative number, and the true answer probably lies somewhere between this figure and the 120 that the apple watch recorded.

Anybody, of any level of fitness, who adds a 120 calorie burn on top of their existing daily routine is squashing around 1000 calories a week more than they normally would. The benefits of this level of burn will be very quickly apparent.

And this is just for ONE 15 minute BoxVR session per evening. If you doubled that and did two fifteen minute workouts you could be burning two thousand extra calories a week and you’d be fitting into those neat fit clothes that you could hardly squeeze into in no time at all!

Another BoxVR workout, this time 30 minutes, mostly punching with a few squats sprinkled in for the legs. This time, BoxVR said 184 calories were burned, and the apple watch set to “Other” category said 151 Active Calories or 184 Total Calories. Average heart rate was 112, highest was 151.



Day 2 30 min vr workout 217 Cals, watch said 240 active and 293 total, av hb 121 high 146