So you’ve taken the plunge and are about to venture into super hi resolution VR gaming with the Vive Pro – resigning your original Vive HMD into retirement.

Vive have an install page HERE, however here’s our quick setup for gamers who already have a Vive up and running with Steam and existing base stations and just want to get their new Vive Pro set up and working with the minimum  of fuss. We also include some reassurance checks along the way…

First of all make sure you are running the SteamVR beta….

  1. Remove the old link box from your box unplugging the USB and HDMI cables from your PC tower.
  2. Remove the HDM plug from the power supply.
  3. Retire your old HMD and link box to safe storage.
  4. Plug in the new display port and USB 3.0 cables (L1 & L2) into the rear of the new link box (ie not the blue button side)
  5. Plug in the power cable (L3) into the rear of the link box.
  6. Plug the displayport cable coming from the HMD into the rear of the new link box (ie not the blue button side)
  7. Plug in the power supply and the cables L1 and L2 into your PC, noting it must be a USB3.0 connection.
  8. Connect the HMD (Headset) cable into the front of the link box
  9. Ensure the base stations as powered on (green light)
  10. Press the blue ON button on the link box.

Windows should then notify you that it is setting up the following items, one after the other…

  • Vive Pro
  • Watchman dongle
  • LHR
  • Vive Pro Multimedia Camera

Once windows has completed the updates (around 45 seconds) it is time to pair your controllers to the new HMD.

  1. Press the wand system buttons (below thumbpad)
  2. Launch Steam VR (at this point your wands may power off)
  3. Headset should now show green in steamVR but with a firmware warning, and both base stations should be green.
  4. to pair the wands, right click on one wand in SteamVR and select Pair. Now hold both buttons above and below the trackpad until the want light starts flashing blue. Release the buttons and the pairing should complete. Repeat with 2nd wand.
  5. Press the on button on each wand and this time they should power up with a green light. Good to go!

Finally update the UMD headset by clicking in steamVR and selecting update firmware. This takes about a minute, with the final step (step 4 taking the longest).


At this point I got a few steam errors and “compositor is not available” message in windows. If you also get this, just restart SteamVR and the error should go away.

Now you can put your new HMD on – here’s how.