VR Wave shooters

Whether it is zombies, cowboys or spaceships, use the boxes below to send us your recommended VR wave shooters, fill in as many or as few as you like.

Final Top Ten will be published soon!


Recent VR Wave Shooter Nominations: Space Pirate Trainer, The Brookhaven Experiment, Zomday, Robo Recall, Raw Data, Arizona Sunshine, Serious Sam The Last Hope, Gunjack, Time carnage, HordeZ, Primal Carnage: Onslaught,





The VR Wave Shooter category is arguably one of the best populated genres in VR gaming. There’s a decent number of quality candidates for this VR Top Ten, and each offer a real challenge requiring stamina, concentration and all round good gaming skills.

In virtual reality this results in what can be a mentally and physically exhausting experience. Not only because these games tend to present great “one more go” type sessions, but because the game design, the levels, and the game mechanics are all designed to force the player to make instant decisions, with lightening reaction times if they wish to proceed to the next level.

Some of the earliest quality VR games were wave shooters. Take Space Pirate Trainer for example – a classic wave shooter that has evolved over the years into what can be a complex but fun and challenging mental workout.

So, what defines a Wave Shooter? Quite simply, these are games where hordes of enemies come at the player in waves of increasingly difficulty. Usually the player is pretty much static, only able to turn to face attacks from multiple directions. 

Of course if we are talking about wave shooters, it is impossible to ignore zombies! The living dead are almost perfectly designed for wave shooters, and there is no shortage of them in virtual reality.

So how do you win with wave shooters? There are a number of constants with this type of game and to progress you must take advantage of these.

Firstly, power ups and weapon upgrades. The further you progress through a wave shooter, the more challenging things will become. However to compensate for this, games will introduce advanced weapons, ammo, and power-ups. Do not get comfortable with the same weapon, or resist the urge to upgrade – you must upgrade your arsenal if you are to progress!

Secondly, each wave, and each big boss, comes with it’s own challenges, and weaknesses! Identify these weaknesses and focus on them! Adapt and survive people!