So you’ve just upgraded to a higher resolution HMD such as the Vive Pro or Vive Cosmos and you want to know which titles you should revisit? Or perhaps you are considering an HMD upgrade and are wondering if there are any games that really benefit from the resolution boost?

Here’s 50 great VR games, in alphabetical order, rated after upgrading from an original Vive to the Vive Pro or Vive Cosmos! Marks out of ten are a combination of the titles quality and the improved experience from original Vive to a higher resolution HMD.

Anything that scores 8 or above is worth replaying in higher resolution headsets such as the Vive Cosmos or Vive Pro.

abbot's book

A beautiful adventure story with detailed realistic textures that impress in higher resolution and immerse you in a convincingly realistic moody setting! A scary night in. 9/10

abe vr

Abe impressed me on the Vive but it’s only once you see Abe close up with a Vive Pro that you can appreciate the detail. An interesting short story experience that benefits from the 70% pixel boost.  9/10

Acan's Call: Act 1 (free)

On the Vive this adventure looked great, on the Pro it looks amazing with hi-res textures and nice lighting. Great free demo to share with VR newbies. 8/10

Accounting (free)

A humorous 20 minute cartoon game which benefits from higher resolution and improved vocals. However the enjoyment here is in the humour not the visuals, so no replay value here for a Pro upgrade . 5/10


This wave shooter really shines with a pixel count boost with all the action either danger close or middle field – it’s all good! Cannot put this game down – bullet time is for wimps. 10/10

affected - the manor

The first horror in this list is a jump scare haunted house walking experience. Immersion comes from realism, and higher resolution makes this an even more terrifying experience for that reason.  8/10

aircar (revive)

This sci-fi free flight is about as close as you can get to Blade Runner in VR and is now stunning thanks to higher pixel boosts from new HMDs. Not for the easily seasick, but not to be missed for sci-fi fans.    8/10

alcatraz vr escape room

The first escape room in this list is a taxing puzzler, however with flat textures this game has no replay value.  4/10

allumette (free)

The animated VR short story masterpiece is so beautifully animated who could resist another chance to enjoy this engaging story one more time with enhanced visuals assisting with mid range scenes.   8/10

arizona sunshine

A mixed bag on the pro with this popular zombie shooter. Lots of flat textures and some far distance action are not helped with more pixels, but definitely an improved experience none-the-less. 8.5/10

the assembly

The opening 6 minutes will be enough to convince Vive owners to upgrade to Vive Pro. Stunning pin sharp visuals in this AAA story driven mystery adventure. 10/10


Rhythm games are not so much about visuals, and audioshield only had 3 environments. Throw in a drop in performance and this is one title best left alone.  1/10

batman : arkham vr

Holy Hi-Res Happiness Batman, this is simply jaw dropping gorgeous! You don’t have to be a Batman fan to appreciate the quality of this game – simply outstanding. I’m Batman.   10/10

belko escape room (free)

A fun single room escape that is not worth reloading on newer VR headsets due to bland visuals. A fun escape if you have not played before though  2.5/10


Huge improvement on the blurryness of the Vive, but still a little way to go before we get a true cinema experience though. Great for movie shorts, music videos, or gameplay. 8.5/10

the brookhaven experiment

One of the earliest VR zombie shooters on the Vive stands up pretty well on the Pro with improved mid-range visuals giving extra cause for concern! Worth a re-visit. 8.5/10

box vr

Playing this rhythm game in a new HMD looks virtually the same as the original Vive, until you stop and check the environment – which is now very clear. But during play, the improvement is minimal – so a lower score than this great workout game probably deserves… 7.5/10

bullet sorrow

Classy AAA titles such as this deserve to be enjoyed in high resolution. Bright, clear and a heap of shooter fun, fire this one up for sure. 8.5/10

dead effect 2 vr

Decapitation blood spatters so real you can taste it. Highly polished  game with cracking visuals, play it again Sam – awesome! 9/10

deadly hunter (free)

Why this is free beats me; great visuals – stunning in hi-resolution HMDs, runs like a dream and provides fun archery versus orc capers. This is a no brainer – 9.5/10

dimension hunter

Stylish unique shooter that gets a real boost with high pixel count HMDs with sharp vibrant red against a monochrome stage. If you don’t mind on the rails shooters, get Hunting – 9/10


More frightening in the Pro? Not really. Still one of the most unnerving VR horrors though, it just doesn’t seem much a jump visually – 7/10

dreamdeck (oculus)

Short five scene VR demo that starts off kinda weak and ends up kinda HOLY SMOKES. Got a newer high resolution headset? Get Dreamdeck. 9/10

elite dangerous

Arguably the game most likely to result in many HMD upgrades. Fly around in a massive universe undertaking countless missions while enjoying the optical wonders of the universe. When you’re not chased by pirates. *$&#!! 10/10

elven assassin

Improved distance performance helps with approaching orks in this awesome archery shooter. Properly implemented pvp/co-op multiplayer make this a “must re-visit” game! 9/10

evil fire

Designed for VR Arcades and available for Home Pro’s everywhere this is a sci-fi shooter with some ginormous monsters – gloriously depicted in the Vive Pro – 9/10

The Exorcist : Legion VR

This excels with high resolution, reading all the text is now easy rather than frustrating! The environments are utterly convincing, and the blood is extremely real – 10/10 would die again.

Final Approach

Games to make gamers giggle. So much more real now in high resolution, you can easily read the pop up boards, and you can now see the amazing detail of the airports – including mechanics and firemen.   10/10 do it again.

Found (free)

8 minutes of uhm, something pretty – but not engaging enough – even with the additional pixels to boost the presentation.  3/10


A beautiful abstract techno puzzler that now looks sharper on the Pro, but also remains a solid impressive game on the original Vive.   7/10

the gallery Ep 1 - call of the starseed

This is a totally immersive early VR 1-2 hour game that stunned on the original Vive as the production quality stood it apart from other early VR releases. Some of the flat textures disappoint now, overall however this is a polished, impressive title that is worth a revisit in the Vive Pro.     8/10

the gallery Ep2 - heart of the emberstone

“Episode 2” implies more of the same, but Ep2 is sooo much more; more gameplay, improved visuals, and stunning environments. This is the game that hi-res HMD sales are made of. A truly wonderful VR experience.  10/10 

ghost town mine ride

A few draw glitches doesn’t stop this from being a great terror ride perfect for some mates night quick scare action. Not massively improved with extra resolution but worth another visit  8/10 would ride again


The famous “overwhelmingly positive” hack and slasher looks even more immersive and impressive with the extra pixel count. Usual warning applies – remove all high value objects from play vicinity, including loved ones.    9/10


A personal favourite, Gunjack offers fast paced wave shooting pressure. Yeh there’s a lack of environments, weapon variety and control options, but goddam this is fun, and looks even better in hi-res VR (even though original was never shabby)  8/10


What a cracking VR experience Hellblade is. Stunning sound and visuals, wrapped up with an intruiging story to keep you wandering the stunning environments. Pro Tip – play again in Tabletop mode!  10/10


Hollopoint is the perfect VR workout for arrow fans – but it is not enhanced by hu-res at all! For the most part holopoint is flat walls and cubes, which look exactly the same whether played on the original HMD units or newer hi-res HMDs.   5/10


This space experience was beautiful and frustrating in equal measures on the original Vive, and I really wanted it to be stunningly realistic in the Vive Pro – alas the experience was only more frustrating.  One for die hard astronauts only.  3/10

i expect you to die

This classy detective themed try, try, and try again puzzler is easier to play on hi-res HMDs thanks to legible text clues, but there’s no replayability here. 4/10 died enough already.

the lab (free)

The Lab was arguably one of the first visually impressive VR title, and now almost two years later on the Vive Pro, it remains one of the must-have VR games.  10/10 in awe of Valve again.

the last sniper vr

This early VR release is an immersive WWII battlefield experience. While some scenes that require distance shooting do benefit from the improved resolution, this is an enjoyable but rather dated VR game. WWII fans only.  5/10

life of lion (free)

A wonderful underwater atmospheric experience crippled by an annoying control system and lack of just about everything else. One for freeloaders only.  3/10

organ quarter

No doubting this is a great full game horror experience, but with the emphasis on atmosphere rather than visuals, this is one game that bucks the trend and fails to impress. Flat low resolution textures fail to raise this game to hi-res potential. Worth playing, but not re-playing.   8/10

Pixel Ripped

This homage to 80’s handheld gaming gets a fresh look in high resolution and isn’t just for fifty-something gamers. Jump back to the 80’s and enjoy a uniquely clever VR experience again.     9/10

project cars

Project Cars on the original batch of HMDs was a poor experience; the resolution could not handle drawing cars at mid-far distances, it was a pixel mess. With higher resolution HMDS such as the Vive Pro things are better, for driving fans this will be an acceptable, immersive experience 8/10


This short one-scene proof of concept looks fantastic in the Vive Pro. It is worth a revisit to soak up the scene and dream about a full game in this glorious neon cyberpunk setting. 8/10

Racket Nx

This super polished racket ball game turns into a glorious gloss shine fest in hi-res headsets. Top tips, watch the winder on the floor and get into some multiplayer! Great game!  9/10

Sairento vr

This sophisticated and polished shoot and slash game looks fantastic in hi-res VR. A game with fun replayability just received a huge graphics boost and earns an easy 9/10


Cyberpunk fans will forgive minor graphical glitches in this mysterious VR adventure, but we can’t – so it loses a half point for weird smoke effects. That aside, this is a cool game that loses original Vive blur when played with the Vive Pro.  8.5/10

the vanishing of ethan carter VR

The VR DLC for this game puts  you right in one of the most beautiful game environments ever. With lot’s of vista views, I thought the Pro would struggle to render these beautiful scenes, however the experience is fantastic and no AA shimmering at all!  9/10

wilson's heart (oculus)

Worth replaying for black and white visuals? Why, yes it is! It’s hard to explain how much difference that higher resolution makes to this game, just get it, play it, enjoy it! 8/10